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The sights to see and things to do in Santa Ynez

25 Sep 2014
There's some amazing luxury real estate in the Santa Ynez area - but the people who live there don't stay home very often. For an answer to why, you just need to look to two recent lists posted by Trip Buzz: The website has ranked the top destinations in the area, both for families and in a more general sense . We've earmarked a few of Read More

It's Wine Month for the residents of Santa Ynez

1 Sep 2014
We know what you're thinking: In Santa Ynez, every month is wine month. And, to a certain extent, that's true. When you're living in luxury real estate located deep within the heart of America's wine country, it would be almost criminal not to enjoy the fruits of your community's labor on a very regular basis. Yet, that do Read More