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Music fills the air in Santa Ynez

30 Sep 2013
Aside from its high-end vineyards and gourmet restaurants, the Santa Ynez Valley is often highly regarded for its many cultural offerings, such as theatrical shows and musical performances. The area's vibrant arts scene routinely attracts visitors from across the country, in addition to the owners of nearby  luxury homes .  And, Read More

Spend an afternoon horseback riding and wine tasting in Santa Ynez

18 Sep 2013
Because of its rolling hillsides and verdant meadows, as well as ample sunshine and warm weather year-round, the Santa Ynez Valley is one of the most versatile regions of California, affording its residents and visitors a multitude of opportunities for recreation and relaxation. Those spending time in this area typically find themselves outdo Read More

Luxury updates Santa Ynez homeowners are making to their properties

3 Sep 2013
The California town of Santa Ynez is not only known for its celebrated wineries and western-style architecture, it is also recognized as an area where homeowners have made technological updates to their houses. While many of these properties were already considered to be luxury homes , the most popular improvements heighten the residences' fea Read More