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The Beach Boys bring California dreams to Santa Ynez

30 May 2013 12:21 PM

Throughout the '60s, the Beach Boys became internationally famous for their lush, beautiful pop songs about the equally lush and beautiful California landscape (and girls). Based on their prodigious output in this regard, it's little surprise that the Golden State remains an essential component of their legacy and cultural resonance. This longstanding affinity for California will likely be on display on June 6, when the Beach Boys bring their beloved act to the Chumash Casino in Santa Ynez.

Over the years, the lineup of the Beach Boys has changed significantly. Stalwarts like chief songwriter Brian Wilson have been replaced and re-embraced repeatedly in the 50 years since the band's creation. However, the heart of the group - its rich harmonies and timeless songs - has never left. This is largely due to the fact that Mike Love, long the band's front man and stabilizing force, has consistently helmed the operation. 

Because of this, fans of all ages have been able to experience the music much the same way it has been produced and performed for decades. In this respect, an evening with the Beach Boys is always a remarkable experience. One reason for this is that the musicians the band members have selected to support them for their recent performances are of extremely high quality.

"The backing band is superb," Tom Szaroleta, a music critic for the Florida Times-Union, wrote after a recent performance. 

However good the band's new members are, though, they won't be able to overshadow the legends. According to Szaroleta, the band's original members are so practiced at putting on a great show that it is hard to believe so much time has elapsed since they originally penned the timeless songs they preform.

"They've been doing this for a long time and they know how to whip a crowd into a frenzy," he wrote. "After a half a century on the road, they're not ready for the junkyard quite yet."

This is great news for owners of Santa Ynez, who will soon have an increasingly rare opportunity to catch these living legends in concert before they put their microphones down for good. The lineup may have changed countless times over the years, but the sun-soaked, California soul of the Beach Boys remains strong.