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Santa Ynez holds stylish annual event to honor vineyard workers

29 Oct 2013 10:21 AM
Santa Ynez annual event to honor vineyard workers in style

One of the defining characteristics of the Santa Ynez Valley is the exquisite wines made from the locally grown grapes and produced at area wineries. However, few visitors often realize the immense amount of work that goes into crafting the perfect glass of wine: The countless hours spent tending to grapevines, harvesting seasonal yields, carefully mixing casks and monitoring the fermentation process make this profession one of the most labor-intensive around. 

Accordingly, for the past several years, local business owners, luxury real estate investors, area oenophiles and well-known celebrities have come together to recognize the efforts of the Santa Ynez wine industry's workforce. This year will be no different. 

On the evening of Nov. 2 at the Santa Ynez Valley Marriott, the sixth annual Vino de Sueños benefit release celebration will be held. During this upscale, three-hour event, farm and vineyard workers will be honored by attendees, with proceeds going to the non-profit organization People Helping People. 

"Agriculture is one of the few growth industries in the county, and according to the California Employment Development Department, it is also one of the few job creators," Dean Palius, executive director of PHP, told the Santa Barbara Independent. "Unfortunately, farm work is one of the lower paid industries and PHP is often called on to assist these families meet basic needs for food, shelter and health care."

Event to provide opportunity for recreation, charitable donation
The event's title, Vino de Sueños, which translates to "wine of dreams," is also the brand name for the PHP wine series that is released each year at the celebration. And this year, 13 wineries found in and around Santa Ynez have been chosen to bottle under the exclusive label, according to the local news source. Four of the founding vineyards will be featured during the 2013 event, including Alma Rosa, Buttonwood, Foxen and Longoria.

Popular and limited edition blends will be available for sample and sale at the fundraiser, as well as original artwork from local artists. In addition, faraway visitors and owners of nearby luxury homes will be treated to gourmet hors d'oeuvres and enjoy being able to participate in a silent auction that boasts trips to exotic destinations and affluent overseas locations. 

Tickets are available for $50 apiece - and along with entry, access includes a commemorative 14-ounce wine glass adorned with the attractive Vino de Sueños logo. For more information, or to purchase admission prior to the celebration, visit or