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New show features 3 different approaches to Santa Ynez beauty

30 May 2013 12:18 PM
New show features 3 different approaches to Santa Ynez beauty

It's easy to love Santa Ynez's striking landscape, with its expansive ocean views and lush vineyards. However, it is considerably harder to soak up this natural beauty and turn it into art. Three local artists have given it a shot, though, and each of them has produced impressive - and wildly varying - results.

Throughout June, Gallery Los Olivos will be displaying landscape paintings from three local artists - Ellen Yeoman, Deborah Breedon and Morgan Green. Together, the works form the basis of the new show called "Three-Part Harmony." The three artists have many similarities - they all draw inspiration from Santa Ynez's natural landscape and work out of neighboring studios and are good friends - but their approaches and styles vary considerable. 

Water and light
Morgan Green emphasizes the water in her paintings. According to the Santa Ynez Valley News, she relies on oils and pastels to represent the region's shimmering, azure waters. Her paintings capture the beauty of the water with a realistic flair. However, she also imbues her paintings with a sense of whimsy and otherworldliness, using the oils to capture the area's sun-dappled bodies of water.

"I owe a lot to the California impressionists of the past century," she told the source. "I think capturing the mood of the light is paramount."

Natural hues
Deborah Breedon, on the other hand, relies on pastels to evoke California's verdant landscape. For her, painting is a way to connect with nature and play around with color to capture the beauty and serenity of the scenery.

"I love the luminosity of pastels' pure pigment," she told the source. 

All natural
Like Green and Breedon, Ellen Yeoman pays close attention to the surrounding natural beauty. Unlike them, however, Yeoman aims almost exclusively for realism. She uses precise oil paints to accurately represent the region's rolling hills and rich plant life.

"Almost all my landscapes are plein-air," she told the source. "I love being outside early in the morning and focusing on things that are really dear to me."

It's rare that three artists can be so close yet have drastically different approaches to their material. Owners of Santa Ynez real estate will surely enjoy examining these differences up close at the upcoming show, which runs from June 1 to June 30.