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New exhibition showcases the wide-ranging Santa Ynez landscape

18 Mar 2013 11:54 AM
Two reasons why Santa Ynez is becoming California's locavore hotspot

The lush, dramatic landscape of the Santa Ynez Valley makes it an ideal venue for painters and photographers. It should not be surprising to learn, then, that the region is filled with aspiring and accomplished artists. Six of the area's most talented members of this growing cohort currently have their paintings on display in one of Santa Ynez's most popular museums.

The Elverhoj Museum of History and Art is located in downtown Santa Ynez and has a legacy of hosting compelling art exhibitions across a wide spectrum of mediums and topics. Its current show - "The View From Here" - was designed to showcase the natural beauty of the surrounding area. Focusing on six local artists, each with a unique vision of the surrounding scenery, it is intended to demonstrate the diversity and splendor of the rolling hills and expansive valleys that make wine country real estate such a valuable commodity.

The show, which runs until April 28, has already earned acclaim for its diverse offerings. Each of the painters focused on a different element of the region's landscape, and the resulting collection exemplifies the wide-ranging California countryside. One piece, for example - "Santa Ynez Bluffs," an oil painting by Ron Guthrie - uses light purples and rich golds to represent the colorful valleys that wind through Santa Ynez.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to talk with the artists on Saturday, March 2, when all six will be present at the museum for a panel discussion. Each painter will be given the opportunity to discuss his or her works and the tools, techniques and motivations that contributed to their creation.