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Luxury updates Santa Ynez homeowners are making to their properties

3 Sep 2013 4:59 PM
Luxury updates Santa Ynez homeowners are making to their properties

The California town of Santa Ynez is not only known for its celebrated wineries and western-style architecture, it is also recognized as an area where homeowners have made technological updates to their houses. While many of these properties were already considered to be luxury homes, the most popular improvements heighten the residences' features, as well as their functionality. 

If you own Santa Ynez real estate, or live in another affluent area and have been looking to enhance your home's current offerings, you may want to consider planning the following projects:

State-of-the-art doorbells
Did you think that customized tones or melodies represented the ultimate in doorbell technology? Think again. These features have come a long way in recent years, and a new product allows homeowners to see who is at their front door - even if they're not there themselves. On its official website, iDoorCam is described as a Wi-Fi enabled webcam doorbell that provides individuals with a secure and convenient way to see, hear, talk to and record their visitors no matter where they are in the world.

After installing this American-made device, you can download a special application to your smartphone or tablet and remotely control the camera, which can be rotated 170 degrees in any direction. It is designed to run off the existing power that your current doorbell uses. However, it comes equipped with a backup supply.

Household control panels
Remote controls have long come standard with televisions and stereos. But in an interesting twist on old technology, homeowners are now able to manipulate their lighting fixtures, as well as cooling, heating and security systems from a touch-screen panel installed in their house. 

Additionally, it is possible to not only change the channel without leaving your seat, but also to open the garage door or turn your kitchen lights off. This technology is available from uControl, one of the leading companies in home security and automation systems. If you have taken the precaution to have cameras installed in strategic areas, you can access their live feeds from this device at any time as well. 

Hands-free faucets
How many times have you had to wash your hands, then clean the sink's handles afterward because you got them dirty while turning the water on?

Motion-activated sinks are commonly found in public bathrooms, but touch-sensor sinks are quickly making their way into luxury real estate in Santa Ynez. A number of manufacturers currently offer similar products, so you can choose the model which you think best complements your home's interior design aesthetic.