High Rises

Houston is blessed with a wealth of luxury high-rise buildings offering state-of-the-art amenities and unbeatable convenience. Although initially slow to embrace high-rise living, Houstonians have now joined their peers across the country in enjoying the carefree and comfortable lifestyle available in full service residential buildings offering concierge, valet and security services, sports and exercise facilities, and more.

Maintenance fees usually encompass a total utility and amenities package that includes water, sewer, partial electric, insurance and recreational facilities. High-rise residents are of all ages and professions, from retirees and empty nesters to young professionals and even young families. Residents avail themselves of the camaraderie and support of a neighborhood within a controlled environment.

In addition to more traditional residential high-rises, Houston also offers a wealth of loft-style residences in both vintage and modern buildings from Downtown to Uptown to Galveston’s historic Strand.

No longer an alternative lifestyle, high-rises are more and more the residence of choice for native Houstonians and newcomers alike.