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Where to find a fine cigar in Santa Fe

8 Nov 2012 4:09 PM
Where to find a fine cigar in Santa Fe

Some people enjoy lighting up a nice cigar to celebrate the birth of a child or add a convivial touch when meeting up with an old friend. For them, a cigar serves as a way of setting one particularly special day apart from the rest. However, some people have a much closer relationship with cigars. To these people, a high-quality cigar is an essential part of a pleasurable life. Like an oenophile's perfect pinot grigio or a gourmand's expertly prepared steak, a fine cigar is a beautiful and cherished part of everyday life.

These people often develop close relationships with the purveyors of their favorite cigars. Forming such bonds allows them to discuss their passion with knowledgeable retailers and find a community of like-minded aficionados.

Cigar-loving owners of luxury homes in Santa Fe are lucky in this regard, because they have many top-shelf cigar shops to choose from. The warm evenings and beautiful landscapes make Santa Fe an ideal city for enjoying a cigar, so it is no surprise that the city is rife with cigar sellers.

One of the most popular is Primo Cigar Shop at 328 Sandoval Street. This cigar emporium features a comprehensive collection of cigars, pipes and other smoking essentials. Primo regularly brings in new cigars to give its patrons samples of some of the most popular - as well as lesser known - varieties.

Recently, the shop brought in a supply of Salomon cigars, a favorite among enthusiasts. Indicating the large population of Santa Feans who enjoy a fine product, the Salomons sold out in a heartbeat. However, because the shop is always on the lookout for new inventory, residents need not fret - there will be more examples of fine cigars in the near future.