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Santa Fe luxury homeowners blur lines between outdoor, indoor space

28 Feb 2014 10:45 AM
Santa Fe luxury homeowners blur lines between outdoor, indoor space

Considered one of the most upscale metropolitan areas in the Southwestern region of the United States, Santa Fe not only boasts a rich history and myriad high-end accommodations, but also favorable year-round weather and lots of luxury real estate. The city has long been home to large communities of artists and outdoor enthusiasts, who place a substantial focus on the natural beauty and picturesque qualities of the scenic surroundings.

Accordingly, a large contingent of property owners in and around the City Different have found creative ways to incorporate aspects of the great outdoors into their private residences - and the results are breathtaking. If you have been looking for effective and attractive ways to update your luxury Santa Fe real estate, considering any of the following design trends could significantly enhance your property's offerings. 

Replace wall with sliding windows
If you're interested in spending more time outside, a great way to start is by replacing one of your home's exterior walls with retractable window panels. Introducing large sliding glass doors can help you bring more sunlight into the immediate living areas, and also helps to blend the threshold between outdoor and indoor space, according to Houzz. Whether it connects you to your patio, screened-in porch or back lawn, this improvement can simultaneously increase your property's cosmetic appeal and functionality. Depending on the location of your home, you may want to feature a sliding window wall on either its east or west side, allowing you to enjoy inspiring sunrises or breathtaking sunsets. 

Roofless living room
While some may opt to install a pool in their backyard space, those who take advantage of the outdoor square footage to introduce a second living area where friends and family can spend time together can also benefit considerably. By establishing an interesting focal point - be it a grandiose fireplace or opulent entertainment center - you can add a number of chic accents and some comfortable outdoor furniture to create a stylish room without a roof, Better Homes and Gardens noted. This will be great for hosting lavish social gatherings or simply stargazing with your family and friends. Another great upgrade would be including a speaker system with surround sound capabilities that you can use to play your favorite music through.

High-tech kitchen
In the same vein of bringing indoor rooms outside, many individuals have constructed state-of-the-art kitchens outside the structural confines of their home. This feature would also increase your capability to host exciting parties and events, as you won't have to run back and forth between your kitchen and outdoor entertaining space. Instead you can mix and mingle with your guests while preparing drinks and serving food. This presents the perfect opportunity to incorporate appliances you might not be able to feature inside your house, such as a wood-fired pizza oven or barbeque smoker. By adding a table large enough to seat all of your visitors, this space can double as an outdoor dining room. 

Private outdoor shower
While many homeowners may look to create cutting-edge kitchens outside to update their property's entertaining options, others can utilize their outdoor space for more personal uses. For instance, if your home isn't too close to your neighbor's residence, you might want to consider having an outdoor shower built in your backyard. These contemporary features can be designed to look either modern or rustic, and can be constructed out of a variety of materials, such as salvaged wood or natural stone native to New Mexico, according to HouseLogic. With the proper treatment, this update could even blend into your landscaping scheme, providing you a hidden area to relax and enjoy the weather in private.