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Santa Fe and feng shui

17 Oct 2012 8:48 AM
Santa Fe and feng shui

When designing the interior of your home, it's easy to go about the process in a piecemeal fashion - picking up various objects in dribs and drabs until the space is filled. While this may be the simplest way to go about furnishing a home, it can sometimes lead to an incoherent or disjointed feeling.

For this reason, many people take a much more end-oriented approach. In their minds, developing an overall feeling for a room and working to attain that objective is a better way of going about the design process. In Santa Fe, where residents are known for their artistic and visually pleasing designs, this tactic has an enduring popularity.

The art of feng shui
In fact, some current residents are taking this method one step further, employing a feng shui approach to home and garden design. By carefully tailoring the flow and aura of a given room or space, these engaged homeowners are finding new ways of laying out their luxury homes.

One feng shui practitioner is Mark Banham, a local realtor and avid gardener. According to the Santa Fean, Banham redesigned his home and property to incorporate a tranquil and welcoming atmosphere.

"I wanted this to be a peaceful place and one that circulated good energy throughout," he told the magazine.

In this undertaking, he spent a great deal of time making his garden stream naturally to his front door. He also emphasized his cavernous open kitchen by painting it a resonant red and adding more large windows and skylights.

A tailored approach
Although Banham's approach worked wonders for his own home, it is important for Santa Fe residents to make sure they take careful stock of their own home before embarking on a feng shui quest. Each home is different, so it is important to identify the inherent strengths and weaknesses of a home before proceeding.

According to HGTV, starting from the outside and working your way in is often a successful tack. Sprucing up a main entrance can make a huge difference. One technique the source recommends is to incorporate a "greeter" - a water feature or a painting near the entrance to help welcome guests.

Using mirrors effectively can also have a huge impact on a home's feng shui. In place of a dead end or bare wall, a mirror can add depth, light and vibrancy to a given space.

Residents of Santa Fe may find that looking at their homes with a new set of eyes and paying special attention to flow and movement can transform their living space like nothing else.