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Designing with pottery in Santa Fe

12 Sep 2012 8:13 AM
Designing with pottery in Santa Fe

Walk into many of the luxury homes of some of Santa Fe's most design-minded residents and you will likely see a lot of pottery. The traditional Native American art form has remained important to the Southwest, especially in communities with a strong traditional presence like Santa Fe. Whether using it purely for decoration or as a discussion-starting serving piece at a dinner party, the city's residents are quick to embrace pottery as a way of connecting to the region's past and adding a distinctive design touch to their home.

Because of this, many residents of Santa Fe like to stay apprised of the local potters and artists who are currently making some of the finest pieces in the city. Knowledge of the best practitioners makes it easy for aficionados to find outstanding examples of the craft and add them to their collections. It also allows residents to gain insight into new pottery trends and novel ideas for incorporating the art form into their homes.

A recent article in THE Magazine, Santa Fe's art and culture periodical, featured an interview with Tammy Garcia, one of the city's leading potters. Garcia sold her first pot when she was 16, according to the source, and has been honing and reinventing her craft ever since. A collection of her work - which also includes carved glass and jewelry - was recently on display at the Blue Rain Gallery on 130 Lincoln Ave.

One element of pottery that Garcia believes is important for potters as well as collectors is incorporating traditional elements into collections.

"I am inspired by historical Pueblo pottery and continue to use some of the more classic designs," she told the magazine. "When I think of ancient pottery I'm reminded of the stories that are within the lines of the design."

Santa Fe residents who wish to add depth and novelty to their collections may want to consider supplementing their stock with more traditional pieces that retain a great deal of the region's local flavor.

Additionally, some Santa Fe residents have taken to displaying their pottery collections in their yards. Pottery can add beauty and grace to a simple summer barbecue and provide a great home for plants, herbs and small trees. Utilizing traditional pueblo pottery can transform a run-of-the-mill garden into a unique and attention-grabbing one.