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Bring outdoor dining to your Santa Fe home

22 Apr 2013 1:12 PM
Bring outdoor dining to your Santa Fe home

Santa Fe's favorable climate and beautiful scenery make it the perfect location for people who enjoy spending time outdoors and communing with nature. Because of this, many owners of Santa Fe real estate incorporate porches, decks and other outdoor settings into their home layouts. In fact, many of these people aren't content to simply use these spaces as places for sporadic gatherings. Instead, they treat these settings as extensions of their homes - places where they can eat meals, entertain guests or watch the sunset.

Eat-in porch
A Santa Fe couple recently took this exact approach when they undertook a renovation project in their home. Hoping to transform their yard into a place where they could eat, drink and relax, the couple enlisted the help of local designer Mark Haynes to make the space more comfortable, colorful and useful. 

"This space was important to them, because the weather in Santa Fe is so nice most of the year, and they wanted to be able to use it as a secondary space just to hang out," Haynes told Houzz

Inside out
To accomplish this, Haynes and the couple decided to lay the space out as if it were an indoor dining area. Mounted mirrors, wall sconces, sideboards and an elegant dining table give the outdoor space an indoor feeling. 

"In the warmer months, [the couple eats] all their meals outside and usually have a fire in the fireplace at dinner," Haynes told the source.

Growing trend
Treating outdoor spaces as extensions of a home is nothing new, but it does seem to be gaining adherents. According to Sunset, Mediterranean-style gardens - outdoor dining areas with a rustic flair - are becoming increasingly popular among residents of warmer climes. 

These outdoor dining spaces don't need to precisely mirror their indoor counterparts, as a few simple touches can make a huge difference in terms of comfort and elegance.

According to the source, candles, real place settings and a high-quality table can transform any outdoor dining area from a haphazard setup into a classy entertaining option.

For example, when California-based designer Paul Hendershot wanted to add a luxurious outdoor dining area to his Ojai home, he knew he needed the perfect table. After much searching, he finally found the perfect piece: a sturdy but elegant cast-concrete table that mimics a communal, family-style table.

"It used to belong to a friend, and I lusted after it for years before I bought it from her," he told the source.