James DeVille

A native Louisianan, James moved to Santa Fe 25 years ago. He then began multiple careers, working as a Los Alamos technician by day and Santa Fe Opera ballet dancer by night. A decade later he ventured to Manhattan to pursue a professional career as a dancer. After 10 years of hard work and wise investing, James moved back to Santa Fe, where he has been successful buying and selling real estate.

James understands the value of real estate and has achieved great results capitalizing on that. He also enjoys matching people with the right property, as well as marketing properties for sale.

For James, looking for property is enormous fun. He enjoys sharing his enthusiasm and appreciation for real estate with clients as they go through the process. Regardless of the price range, and whether purchasing or selling, James provides the best possible service to make the client's experience enjoyable.

James love Santa Fe for its climate, diverse people, art and varied cultures, as well as the wide range of scenery and outdoor activities. He finds that Santa Fe continues to afford him opportunity every day.