Born in Houston, Texas and split life equally between Ohio and Texas. Graduate of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. After 23 years in Packaging Sales, Management and Manufacturing (foam products for the likes of Dell, Compaq and HP), I moved to Santa Fe to join twin brother, Jeff, in the real estate profession. I have four terrific kids, and a passion for golf, gardening and art. Areas of Expertise Homes and land in the Highway 285 corridor, in particular Eldorado and all parts of Santa Fe. Mission Statement The customer is always right...or nearly so. Ultimately, the client's satisfaction is paramount. Therefore, all roads that lead to such, including those less traveled, are those that define my direction. Why I Love Santa Fe The quality of light, sky, air and all of the common elements indigenous to this area are particularly appealing. The mountains speak to me, and the high desert climate is far superior to what I've experienced. The sum of all the parts is indeed my good fortune. Best Advice to Clients Patience is a virtue. Even when our moments are challenged, know that the air will clear eventually.