Christopher Rocca

Along with a focused and detail-oriented business style, Christopher Rocca’s love of art and culture is at the heart of what he shares with his clients and brings to his work.

Christopher grew up in the Bay Area of California and moved to Portland, Oregon to attend Reed College. For many years he was co-owner of The Genoa, a remarkable Northern Italian restaurant well-known up and down the West Coast. Over 30 years ago he moved to Santa Fe and became immersed in the vibrant arts scene, growing to intimately know the textures of Northern New Mexico life and its history.

In 1993, Christopher moved to New York City for a “sabbatical” to further his love of art and study painting at the Studio School in Greenwich Village. While in New York, he headed an innovative public health care initiative at St. Vincent’s Hospital, working to reduce tuberculosis among homeless people.

In 1996, Christopher could not stay away from New Mexico any longer. He returned to his home in Santa Fe, managed the Critical Care Units at St. Vincent Hospital and rekindled his love of the Northern New Mexican landscape. In 2000, he took a leap from the changing world of healthcare to a career in real estate. Real estate came naturally to Christopher. His winning way with people and his authentic gift for caring make it a great choice.

Working with David Rosen as one half of the dynamic duo of “Home Team Santa Fe”, they have achieved great success working with buyers and sellers across the Greater Santa Fe area. Artful, precise and focused, they work together seamlessly in achieving their clients' goals and realizing their visions. Please take a moment and visit their "team" bio at Christopher Rocca and David Rosen and their web site at

As a realtor and 30+ year resident of Santa Fe, Christopher understands its quirks and quarks and delights in the art of the deal.

Beyond real estate, Christopher has been a leader in the arts, serving as chairperson and treasurer of Friends of Contemporary Arts (FOCA) at the New Mexico of Art. FOCA works to support Contemporary Arts exhibitions and acquisitions at the Museum. A member of the SITE Santa Fe Business Council, Christopher is a world traveler, gardener and an outstanding chef.