Beth Stephens

Beth was born and raised in Syracuse, NY, and graduated from Windham College in Putney, VT, with a BS in Psychology. She moved to Taos, NM, and was involved in the ownership of the Sagebrush Inn and several Taos restaurants. She enjoyed a career in print and broadcast media advertising management. Her expertise includes listing and selling large parcels, historic restructured adobes, river and irrigated properties in Northern New Mexico and properties of interest in Santa Fe. Beth enjoys her two young-adult children, figure skating, working out and her wonderful Santa Fe friends.

Beth feels that Santa Fe has been very good to her and to her family. She considers her friends priceless, and finds the art and the mixing of cultures to be endlessly intriguing. She also feels that the sunsets and sunrises are particularly amazing, and that the level of cumulative intelligence is inspiring.