"There's something I've always believed and taught my son: Do to others as you would want them to do to you," says Ann Brunson in her warm Texas drawl. "Once you think about a problem that way, you always know what to do.”

It is the philosophy by which Ann runs her business. Would she want a realtor to put her interests in front of their own financial gain? If she were new in town, would she want someone to spend a day driving her around and introducing her to the marvels of Santa Fe? Would she want a realtor who really cares about her? She thinks, “Yes I would, and bingo, there you go!”

Ann started in real estate in 2005. "It's been an easy transition, but I've never worked harder in my life!" she laughs. "My biggest surprise was how hard realtors work. Many, many long hours go into preparing and working on a transaction.”

Prior to real estate, Ann spent thirty years as an art educator and designer. Through her design company, Décor, she worked with countless realtors and families preparing to sell their homes. For years, people had urged her to go into real estate. "I finally decided that I had helped sell so many houses over the years, that is was time I got into the real estate end of it," she says.

"Both design and real estate are client-oriented businesses." Ann says. "In design, you need to figure out what people can afford to spend and then help them achieve their dreams for that amount of money. Real estate is just the same, except that you are on the job 24 hours a day, seven days a week!"

While Ann brings to her work a lot of knowledge about real estate, technology and design, her greatest asset is her personality. She overflows with generosity and warmth and is an instant best friend to her client. "I love people, and doing things for others is my greatest delight," she says with sincerity. "Making people happy by helping them find what they want is just sensational. I love this job!”