Michael Calcagno & Nancy Hamilton Team

Michael Calcagno - While Michael’s education, experience and background play a vital role in his success as a realtor serving a roster of sophisticated international clients, it’s also his singular approach to his profession that contributes to his standing in the top one percent of Sotheby’s International Realty agents. "The biggest compliment I receive from my clients," Michael states proudly, "is that I’m extremely effective without seeming like a sales person. An advisor and facilitator, yes, but definitely not a sales person." Adding strength to Michael’s roster of qualifications is his 15-year Santa Barbara residency and portfolio of personal real estate investments. A Los Angeles native, Michael was honored with the opportunity to attend Gordonstoun, a world-renown boarding school in Scotland. He also lived in Hamburg, Germany, and humbly witnessed the demolishing of the Berlin wall. He earned degrees in fine arts, photography and motion picture production from the UCSB, and the renowned Brooks Institute; training allowing him to recognize and appreciate the importance of architecture and design as it relates to his role as a realtor. Nancy Hamilton - Nancy has consistently been in the top one percent of Sotheby’s International Realty agents worldwide. Nancy’s background includes her roots on a Mississippi Delta farm, attending college in Virginia where she played basketball and earned a BA in Biology with a minor in Business Administration, to being crowned Miss Mississippi, and attending law school. After working in legal compliance for a securities firm, in the early 1990’s Nancy decided to parlay her love of homes into a full-time job at the real estate firm Fridrich and Clark in Nashville, Tennessee. In 1996, she and her husband Michael who is a local teacher returned to Santa Barbara, his hometown. Nancy joined the respected real estate firm Pitts & Bachmann which was subsequently purchased by Sotheby’s International Realty.