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Cacti and Cocktails to be held at Lotusland this Saturday

16 May 2014 11:37 AM
Cacti and Cocktails to be held at Lotusland this Saturday

With spring weather already here, and summertime conditions on the horizon, individuals across the country are likely beginning to spend more of their time outside. 

Thanks to California's ample sunshine, warm temperatures, scenic beauty and countless opportunities for outdoor recreation, residents across the state are making arrangements to venture out from their homes and partake in some quality rest and relaxation. Accordingly, a number of exciting events are planned to take place across The Golden State, with multiple social gatherings slated for Santa Barbara - one of the region's most affluent and culturally vibrant communities. 

For instance, on the afternoon of Saturday, May 17, local luxury real estate owners and nature lovers will be provided the opportunity to mix and mingle with the area's leading conservationists and social elite while strolling through the impressive gardens at the city's renowned Ganna Walska Lotusland for the special event "Cacti and Cocktails." As this promises to be a upscale affair complete with high-end accommodations and high-profile attendees, you would be wise to reserve your admission as soon as possible in order to ensure you're able to participate in what is sure to be a memorable experience. 

Event to offer direct access to famed cactus garden
Between the hours of 3 p.m. and 6 p.m., ticket holders will be given the chance to explore the expansive grounds and witness first-hand the magnificent epiphyllum and cactus blooms in the breathtaking afternoon light. In between sampling gourmet hors d'oeuvres and tasting fine wines as well as specialty cocktails, attendees can enjoy navigating the natural attractions on their own or as part of a docent-led tour.

As space for this occasion will be limited, it is required that those who wish to attend make reservations - and recommended they do so as soon as possible by calling 805-969-9990. Tickets can be purchased for $60 by members of Lotusland, while admission for non-members can be bought for $70. Additional information can be obtained by visiting the official event website.

May designated Public Gardens Appreciation Month
While the season's meteorological conditions make the month of May an attractive one in which to host such an event, it is all the more appropriate because it has been declared Public Gardens Appreciation Month within Santa Barbara. Sponsored by a myriad of local organizations and news outlets, this initiative led by the Santa Barbara Public Gardens Partnership looks to promote awareness of the city's green spaces and natural offerings as well as celebrate their beauty and many benefits. 

Additionally, such observances are taking place throughout the country this month. In fact, May 9 marked National Public Gardens Day, with thousands of individuals visiting bucolic parklands across the nation. 

Lotusland cherished by Santa Barbara residents, Golden State citizens
These 37 acres, located just inland from the Pacific coastline, boast more than 3,000 plant species from all over the world, and have been a favorite of area homeowners for decades. Purchased in 1941 by Madame Ganna Walska, the estate - which already featured a stunning main house, swimming pool, stable and several outbuildings - soon saw the addition of many new species of trees and cacti.

Today, the expansive grounds include dozens of specific gardens. Visitors can choose to explore whichever they like, such as the aloe garden, blue garden, butterfly garden, cycad garden, parterre, orchards, succulent garden, theatre garden, topiary garden and water garden, among others. Two-hour tours throughout Lotusland are regularly available to guests, though members can enjoy conducting self-guided tours. However, as it is a public garden operating in a private, residential neighborhood, advanced reservations are required.