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The top three tips for developing a modern bathroom in your Santa Barbara home

27 Aug 2012 12:16 PM
The top three tips for developing a modern bathroom in your Santa Barbara home

After you purchase a Santa Barbara home, you might want to decorate your bathroom to give it a sleek, stylish look. There is a variety of design options available, and the ideal accessories can suit any homeowner's tastes.

JustLuxe recently named some of the top design trends for bathrooms in high-end homes. Consider the following options when looking for ways to bring a modern touch to a bathroom in your Santa Barbara property.

1. Vitreous china sinks
Vitreous china is commonly used in console sinks and toilets, and contains a mixture of clay and other minerals. It features a high gloss, stain-resistant surface that makes it an ideal choice for a bathroom. Additionally, these sinks are durable and easy to maintain, giving an elegant look without the hassle of constant upkeep.

Installing a vitreous china sink might be simpler than you think. Plenty of options are available, as these sinks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You're likely to find a vitreous china sink that matches your bathroom's ceiling, floors and walls, so be sure to consider this option.

2. Floating vanities
Floating vanities are a clever design, and are quickly becoming a popular choice in many luxury homes. They typically allow a bathroom to appear larger than it is, while allowing you to use under cabinet lighting.

Using floating vanities opens doors for your bathroom's design, enabling you to go in a number of directions. Whether you decide to go with a small or large floating bathroom vanity, you're likely to be able to make your beautiful bathroom stand out with such a unit.

3. Colorful bathroom accessories
They might seem minor, but the accessories you place in your bathroom can make a significant difference. Bars, towel holders and similar items might make or break your bathroom's style, so you'll want to consider these products to put the final touches on your interior design plans.

For example, incorporating towel holders into contemporary glass and chrome bathroom vanities can help give a bathroom a modern look. This is ideal for bathrooms with limited space, enabling you to maximize the area available. JustLuxe notes that extra tall mirrors, rectangular sinks and wooden cabinets are also excellent choices for property owners looking to give their bathrooms a modern appearance.