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Design ideas from Santa Barbara's trendsetting home offices

18 Mar 2013 11:54 AM
Design trends from Santa Barbara's trend-setting home offices

The modern office is changing, and many Americans - especially those who run their own businesses or work in more creative fields - are spending more time working from home. This is true in California, where a large number of residents are their own bosses, often able to decide when and where they complete their work.

Because of this, a great number of the luxury homes in Santa Barbara are outfitted with modern home offices. Many of these residential work spaces rival traditional work venues in their layout, features and amenities. Indeed, some home offices in the area surpass their conventional counterparts by incorporating modern decorating styles, trend-setting furnishings and state-of-the-art equipment.

Work spacious
One way that some Santa Barbara residents are improving their home offices is by making them significantly larger. Instead of the cramped, congested quarters that people may associate with home offices, these residents are creating cavernous offices with high ceilings, abundant natural light and expansive desks.

According to California Home and Design, spacious home offices are growing in popularity as residents continue to work outside of the office more frequently. Many of the luxury homes in Santa Barbara are ideal for this purpose, as they often feature expansive rooms with high ceilings that can easily be converted into awe-inspiring offices.

The comforts of home
Although many home-based workers try to make their offices as minimalist and sparse as possible - in an effort to eliminate distractions and promote efficiency - some are going in the exact opposite direction.

According to Houzz, some people find that filling their home work spaces with elegance, comfortable features and opulent furnishings helps them feel more at home in their office. The source recommends picking a plush carpet, classy lighting or a high-end chair to help imbue the office with a warm and pleasing atmosphere.

Walls of windows
As a city that features rich sunlight for much of the year, Santa Barbara is the perfect place to incorporate another increasingly popular home office design trend - plentiful windows. Instead of picking a room closed off from the natural world, many residents are picking the most window-rich rooms in their houses to convert into home offices. Three-season porches and rooms featuring large picture windows are popular choices.