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Creating a Santa Barbara home for social functions and a quiet home life

6 Sep 2012 8:04 AM
Creating a Santa Barbara home for social functions and a quiet home life

Creating a home that is well-suited for hosting festive dinner parties and fundraising events is an important task for many who own Santa Barbara real estate. The region is home to a great deal of active and community-oriented people who use their homes as much for holding events as they do for holding their belongings. Because of this, much attention is paid to the art of creating a welcoming, luxurious home.

An article in a recent issue of Santa Barbara Magazine follows well-known interior designer Suzanne Rheinstein as she attempts to convert the home of two local socialites into a space for large fundraising events and other fancy fetes, and there was only one problem: like many residents of Santa Barbara, both the husband and wife had an extensive art collection.

"Just imagine being handed a very large and comprehensive binder filled with image after image of incredible pieces," Rheinstein told the magazine.

However, using her years of experience and eye for aesthetics, she was able to create an interior that provided the couple everything they were after. Using the cream-colored walls as a backdrop, Rheinstein managed to find suitable homes for most of the pieces.

She also made a point of designing the rooms to age well. Balanced by the reclaimed wood and other distinguished pieces, she designed an interior aesthetic that was at once modern and classic.

It wasn't just paintings that Rheinstein had to find homes for, either. A vast collection of vintage pottery prompted her to line the kitchen with the pieces and create a warm, welcoming room for both lively soirees and quiet Sundays.

"I envisioned them sitting in front of the fire on a winter morning reading the paper and having their coffee," she told the source.

Through this eye for detail and creativity, Rheinstein was able to transform the home into a space that was perfect for private meals and lavish events.