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3 great ideas for your Santa Barbara home office

18 Mar 2013 11:51 AM
3 great ideas for your Santa Barbara home office

A growing number of Californians are choosing to complete at least some of their work from their homes, which has led to a rapid rise in the demand for creative and functional home offices. People demand drastically different features and layouts from their home offices, but many owners of Santa Barbara real estate have been drawn to a few particular trends.

Here is a rundown of some of the most popular home office designs throughout California.

Dual purpose
Space conservation is especially important in home offices, so many residents look for furnishings that accomplish two purposes at once. For example, built-in shelf-desk hybrids allow homeowners to turn even a Lilliputian room into an effective office. California Home and Design recommends finding something that combines pragmatism and elegance - such as this Victor Vasilev-designed piece - to create an office that has its own style without sacrificing any practicality. 

The right lights
A home office needs to be especially conducive to work and concentration, so many Santa Barbara residents are paying careful attention to their lighting choices when they begin designing their workspaces. Although it is important to have bright and clean lighting, it may be even more important to have adjustable options. Houzz recommends installing track lighting and desk lamps that can be dimmed to match the mood you are looking for

A touch of nature
One of the advantages of having a home office is the ability to tailor its environment exactly to your tastes. For many Santa Barbara residents, this means including a wide variety of plants. House plants not only help a home office feel more welcoming and pleasant, they can also make you more productive by improving the quality of the air. Digital Inspiration recommends picking a plant such as a Snake Plant, which releases oxygen and is relatively easy to care for.