Born in Glendale, CA and raised in the San Fernando Valley Laury Woods attended Monroe High School and Valley State College, now the Cal State University Northridge, and she has seen a tremendous amount of growth and change in the community.

Music was always a big part of Laury’s life and in Los Angeles she played for movies, television shows and records with artists including Crystal Gale, Engelbert Humperdinck, Dolly Parton and Michael Jackson and television shows including The Streets of San Francisco and The Love Boat as well as movies like Close Encounters of the Third Kind. But, one of her greatest joys was performing with the Santa Barbara Symphony which she’s done for the past 40 years.

The treasure was meeting Gary at a symphony function! Having partnered with him in Los Angeles and beginning a real estate career in 1986 we continue that partnership today in Santa Barbara. In our career, have helped people buy and sell all types of homes from Montecito Estates to Goleta Tract Houses and everything in between. We just love working together to bring a creative team spirit to our efforts. Moving to Santa Barbara in 2000 was a unique experience and a real delightful challenge. Learning a new town and slowing down our lifestyle was a wonderful benefit. We still marvel at our blessings in being able to live in paradise and we treasure this wonderful city and life!