Julie loves to say she sang and danced her way into the real estate field. After all, previous to settling into her current occupation as a successful realtor, she studied theater and dance at U.C.L.A. and, subsequently, became a professional in the entertainment field, acting on stage and television and dancing with world-class performers such as Gene Kelly, then touring the country as part of the popular folk singing group The Serendipity Singers.

For Julie, however, real estate has been a way of life for the past 11 years. She entered the real estate profession in one of the country's most challenging and competitive markets, Beverly Hills. There, her marketing and communication abilities won her accolades, while the experience sharpened a multitude of her professional skills. Those skills were honed further when, in 1991, she founded and served as chief executive officer of Signature Brass, a company manufacturing builders' architectural hardware. During her six years running the business, she effectively implemented a policy of corporate expansion that won her firm national recognition.

Today, Julie enjoys helping clients buy and sell real estate throughout the Santa Barbara and Montecito areas. Helping countless clients buy and sell quality real estate has been her privilege and great joy. For her, the business is largely about people and personalities. Everyone is looking for something different, and that is what makes it so much fun.

Seasoned by her years of experience in the multi-faceted real estate field, Julie is able to intensively focus her sales expertise, research abilities, negotiating and marketing skills, and personal insight in order to meet her clients' goals, both professionally and expediently. Julie emphasizes that, above all, she cherishes the opportunity to be a part of her clients' experience. She is thrilled that she can use her knowledge and expertise to make their real estate dreams a reality.