Frank Hotchkiss

Frank R. Hotchkiss brings a unique background to his real estate career. An actor, writer and public relations executive, he lives on the Riviera in Santa Barbara with his wife, Sandra. He was the author of the weekly column America on the Road about automobiles for the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, and has three novels under his belt, all in search of a publisher. He was director of publications for the Los Angeles Olympics and subsequently ran his own PR firm. Hotchkiss has been on the boards of the Riviera Association and the Collectors' Council of the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. He and his wife have collected works of local artists since they moved to the area from Pacific Palisades. Hotchkiss has made appearances in several productions at the Santa Barbara City College's Garvin Theatre. He loves introducing people to this area, an area that he has come to know and love, and a community in which he has been very active. Several years ago he was elected a Santa Barbara city councilman.