On his first day as a realtor, in 1979, Bob listed a house for $750,000. His course was charted, and it has allowed him to remain one of the premier agents in Santa Barbara and Montecito, with total sales reaching hundreds of millions of dollars. Over the years, he has been the agent of choice in the purchase and sale of some of Montecito's most valuable properties.

A Santa Barbara native, Bob earned his BA degree in Sociology from UC Santa Barbara, studied architecture and law, and secured a Master's degree in Accounting from Cal State Sacramento.

Lending literally billions of dollars during his tenure as a senior real estate loan officer, he developed valuable expertise funding everything from home loans to joint ventures to businesses and shopping centers.

He loves to put deals together. He appreciates that a house is most likely the center of his clients' universe and something that can improve the quality of all facets of their life.

Insisting that a real estate professional can be extremely successful while remaining fastidiously ethical, Bob emphasizes that the definition of success should be all-encompassing. The important question should be not just how long the agent has been a top sales person, but also how he or she got there.

On the home front, Bob and his wife of over 40 years, Carla, met and married as 19-year-old sophomores at UC Santa Barbara. Their daughter, Ciera, is an aspiring mezzo soprano with a Doctorate in Music from UCLA. An avid surfer since 1957, Bob still rides the waves regularly.