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Two mainstays in the Bay Area dining scene

13 Nov 2012
The Bay Area has long been known for its trendy fine dining options. This region has been home to some of the most respected and popular restaurants in the country over the years, and continues to add to its collection of new and interesting dining venues. Because of this, the city boasts top-shelf restaurants across a wide variety of styles and c Read More

Bay Area's housing market going strong

8 Nov 2012
After serving as a locus of high foreclosure activity as recently as a few years ago, California has made significant strides to get its housing market back in shape. Just as much of the country's big cities' markets have begun moving in the right direction, homes in the Golden State have begun to follow suit. In popular regions like Los A Read More

San Francisco's philanthropic reputation

6 Nov 2012
The Bay Area is home to some of the most successful people in America. Whether they got their start in the tech sector in Silicon Valley or in San Francisco's flourishing fashion scene, these citizens often choose to purchase San Francisco luxury real estate in an effort to build connections with some of the region's other important and ac Read More