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San Francisco's philanthropic reputation

6 Nov 2012 9:34 AM
Tech sector continues to power San Francisco's housing market

The Bay Area is home to some of the most successful people in America. Whether they got their start in the tech sector in Silicon Valley or in San Francisco's flourishing fashion scene, these citizens often choose to purchase San Francisco luxury real estate in an effort to build connections with some of the region's other important and active residents.

Sometimes this is merely a method of forming a group of like-minded friends, or a way to make the transmission of creative business ideas as easy as possible. Other times, however, the motivation of these individuals to make San Francisco their home is even more noble: to foster an environment of well-financed philanthropy.

The City by the Bay is a logical place for these charitable citizens to congregate, as it has many established sources of philanthropy and a great number of engaged, socially-minded residents. For those hoping to get involved in a thriving culture of philanthropy, there are few cities better than San Francisco.

According to the San Francisco Business Times, the city is famous for its "rich culture of philanthropy." Moreover, some of the city's most successful businesses pride themselves on mixing charity and social work into their core values. The source reports that even as the economy has sapped many metro areas' ability to maintain strong philanthropic communities, San Francisco has continued to perform well in this regard.

The news source examined some of the local businesses and compiled a list of the companies that contributed the most to San Francisco's charitable reputation. The list includes big and small companies, including some that were well-known and others that flew under the radar.

For the second year in row, Google earned the top spot on the publication's list. The mammoth tech company has earned a reputation over the years for its philanthropic mindset and socially conscious undertakings. As the perfect example of a Silicon Valley company that is using its immense success to support the local community, Google serves as a guide for smaller and younger companies in terms of giving back to the region.

Other companies on the list include Chevron, Wells Fargo, Safeway and JP Morgan Chase.

The results indicate that there are plenty of companies and individuals who are helping the city maintain its reputation for keeping social causes and business successes in harmony.