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What are some of the top jewelers in Pasadena?

23 Jul 2012 10:48 AM
What are some of the top jewelers in Pasadena?

Fine jewelry serves many purposes. Whether you're searching for a new diamond necklace to complement an outfit or simply hoping to start an original fashion trend, you'll have plenty of options when you visit Pasadena.

Check out one of the following jewelers when you make a trip to this city.

Darbini Jewelry
Darbini Jewelry gives you the chance to find the jewelry of your dreams, as it offers a wide selection of bracelets, earrings and necklaces. At this establishment, customers have the opportunity to design their own masterpieces, and in-house jewelry and watch repair services are also available.

Arnold's Family Jewelry
Arnold's Family Jewelry is the city's oldest family-owned jewelry store, and serves its residents with high-quality treasures.This business stands apart for its specialty items, including sterling baby cups and spoons by Empire Silversmiths - these and other items of equal elegance could wonderfully bolster the interior aesthetics of one of the area's luxury homes.

Valia's Jewelers
It's all about trust at Valia's Jewelers, a shop that sells brooches, charms and other design jewelry. Visit this store for a chance to purchase unique pendants, rings and pearls for anniversaries, weddings and more.