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Bust a move at a San Francisco dance studio

2 Aug 2012 3:16 PM
Bust a move at a San Francisco dance studio

Dancing can be a fun activity that many adults use to get their blood flowing and hearts pumping. You'll find plenty of opportunities to learn dance styles at dance studios, including hip hop, jazz and swing.

Many Bay Area locals enjoy dancing because the activity delivers emotional, physical and psychological benefits. While some residents cut a rug because they are looking to make new friends, others might bust a move to relieve stress after a long work day. Regardless of your reason for dancing, you might enjoy classes at one of the dance studios in San Francisco.

City Dance
City Dance gives dancers of all ages and skill levels the chance to learn a variety of different styles. Enjoy belly dancing, Cuban salsa and old-school hip hop moves at one of the company's two San Francisco locations.

This dance studio is a great spot for first-time dance students, as they can learn from experienced teachers who will take the time necessary to teach them the skills they need to succeed. Performance workshops are open to the public, and a summer school for kids helps them learn their favorite dance moves.

Dance Mission Theater
Get your groove on at Dance Mission Theater, which offers over 50 classes to Bay Area residents. Located in San Francisco's Mission District, this dance studio provides locals with a flexible schedule of courses, including Brazilian dance and Samba tutorials.

Dance Mission Theater is the home of Krissy Keefer's Dance Brigade, the nation's first feminist dance company, and remains a modern landmark in the community. It is available for performances, rehearsals and workshops, and is easy to reach from many luxury homes in the area.

ODC School
The ODC School and the Rhythm & Motion Dance Program have partnered to offer the community a chance to experience many different dance disciplines. This institution delivers over 200 classes each week, and features adult, teen and youth programs.

Celebrate your love of dancing by participating in the Rhythm & Motion Dance Program, which delivers a fun-filled experience to students in all walks of life. The school's lessons prove that anyone can dance, as the educational institution promotes helping its pupils improve their emotional and physical well being through dancing.