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Berkeley professor to perform Bach's last work

26 Mar 2013 1:49 PM
Berkeley professor to perform Bach's last work

Davitt Moroney has had a long and storied career interpreting Bach, and he is widely considered one of the country's leading performers of the legendary composer's most complicated work. Moroney splits his time between teaching music at UC Berkeley and performing around the country. He will be playing a widely anticipated show right in his own backyard at Hertz Hall on April 7.

This performance will be a special one, as Moroney will take on "The Art of the Fugue," a collection of 14 fugues and two canons that Bach wrote (although never finished) toward the end of his life. Although Moroney has an admirably wide range and repertoire - he has more than 60 albums under his belt - this particular collection of pieces is especially dear to his heart.

He originally recorded "The Art of the Fugue" in 1985, an album that won him a Gramophone Award and earned glowing reviews. One such review, from ClassicsToday, praised Moroney for his "cogent and skilled playing" and advised new fans to "listen attentively and often if [they] want to get the most out of this recording."

However compelling his recordings are, Moroney's live performances are typically considered an even more astounding experience. Playing a specially made, period-accurate harpsichord, Moroney takes fans on a tour of some of Bach's most complex and immaculately constructed pieces. He is typically the only performer on the stage, but his deft and deep playing always fill the auditorium.

Moroney's hometown performance is another example the Bay Area's culture-steeped atmosphere, and another great reason to own San Francisco real estate.