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Rooftop gardens bring green space to San Francisco real estate

24 Jun 2013 6:54 PM
Rooftop gardens bring green space to San Francisco real estate

While the roofs of upscale residential buildings in many metropolitan areas used to be the location of swimming pools and luxurious patios, many have begun to see the inclusion of rooftop gardens. Due to their many benefits and natural beauty, these functional features, which provide owners with as much enjoyment as they do fresh produce, have been incorporated into the roofs of countless luxury homes in San Francisco.

The favorable weather conditions seen year-round in the City by the Bay enable homeowners to grow a wide variety of plants and produce, and make rooftops viable destinations for social events. Whether you have a green thumb, want to enhance your roof's aesthetic appearance or are interested in maximizing the efficiency of the unused space, constructing a rooftop garden can afford you the following benefits:

Customizable roofscapes
What once may have started as a collection of potted plants can now be transformed into an expansive, farmable area, complete with irrigation systems, automatic fertilization and pest control capabilities. You can make your rooftop garden as primitive - or sophisticated - as you wish. If you enjoy hosting friends and family on your roof, the garden's layout can be designed to allow for streamlined movement and urbane elegance. 

Wide range of possible produce
Whether you're interested in growing corn or coriander, it can be done in a rooftop garden. Many homeowners prefer to cultivate expansive gardens containing only exotic species of flowers, while others focus on growing fruits, vegetables and herbs that they can use in their own kitchens a few floors below. Especially in California, the power of the sun can see to the propagation of a multitude of food items. 

Ability to be self-sustaining
The more produce you are able to cultivate, the less you can depend on grocery stores to supply you with the food you need. If you've decided to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle, the entirety of your diet can be grown in the garden. Additionally, by collecting rainwater, you can nurture your plants naturally.

Opportunity to give back to community
If you find yourself growing more produce than what you require, you can examine the possibility to give back to area food banks or even local eateries. In doing so, you may inspire other owners of San Francisco real estate to have their own rooftop gardens built and follow suit.