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How interior mapping can personalize your Bay Area home

10 Apr 2013 10:55 AM
How interior mapping can personalize your Bay Area home

Everyone wants their home to reflect their personality, but it can be hard to know how to go about this. Without guidance, many homeowners simply try to fill their homes with meaningful items and resonant furnishings and artwork. This is a great place to start, but a new trend has been taking a more specific approach to this process, especially among homeowners and interior designers in and around the Bay Area.

Interior mapping is a way for designers to help homeowners incorporate aspects of their lives and personalities into their home layout. By pairing this personal information with traditional elements of feng shui - in this case by using a bagua map - homeowners can create a one-of-a-kind, highly personalized environment for their home.

According to Houzz, this trend has been gaining steam among owners of Bay Area real estate. Paige Loczi, a San Francisco-based interior designer, for example, recently helped an entrepreneur lay out his home using principles of interior mapping

What's important to you?
The guiding principle of interior mapping is to allow homeowners to decide for themselves which elements of their home and personality they want to emphasize. In the case of the Bay Area entrepreneur, this involved accomplishment. According to Loczi, the homeowner wanted to accentuate his professional achievements without resorting to the traditional tropes of diplomas and other signifiers. Loczi helped him design a wall - which was painted a blazing red to signify passion - that would serve as a space for him to remember his accomplishments without broadcasting them. 

"This is a subtle alternative to hanging up his PhD diploma and other accomplishments," Loczi told the source.

Office design
Although the interior mapping trend has been gaining traction throughout the house, home offices remain one of the most popular targets for the strategy. According to Style at Home, using the technique to lay out offices and desks can not only add style to an otherwise drab office but also increase productivity.

Many people who work from home on a regular basis have begun using interior mapping to help them lay out their home office in ways that encourage organization, productivity and focus. Following the bagua map, these home-based workers have found that using their own personalities and preferences to help shape their office design can simultaneously make them more effective workers and allow them to better enjoy their homes.