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San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

For 25 years, Stephen Wu has made serving people his primary business. Steve champions his clients' needs above all else, consistently delivering extra mile service with a relentless focus on creating phenomenal customer delight. This commitment is part promise, part personality and part passion. Whether it's pinpointing a client's perfect home, or polishing up the place that's been called home, what matters most is the client as a person.

Following two CEO posts, Steve brings sharp business acumen and time-tested wisdom from the fast-paced world of high-tech into the equally demanding rhythm of real estate. His clients say that his exceptionally strong sales skills and quick negotiating savvy set him apart. Steve has a proven track record of repeatedly impressing clients, especially in the face of daunting challenges. No matter what one thinks the market holds, he aims to surprise and to produce the results his clients want. Steve is a seasoned veteran who leads the way, and throughout the entire experience of working with him, clients will feel the three C's of his signature service: calm, confident and cared-for.

When he's not analyzing the minutia of real estate trends, Steve can be found unwinding on a boat somewhere or fishing the ocean. He and his wife live in San Francisco, and together they love sampling chic eateries, climbing the Filbert steps and of course stealing away to the wine country.

Steve knows luxury real estate. And his clients know they can count on him to uphold their unique needs through every stage of the transition into a next home.