Shannon Reiter

As a native of more rural Northern California, and a former resident of bustling San Francisco, Shannon Reiter found a happy middle ground in the hip, but slightly countrified, Sonoma. She can genuinely relate to her clients who are making the same transition from city life to the idyllic countryside, and her personal insight proves to be invaluable.

With a diverse background, working as a hospitality executive in the gaming industry, as an account executive at a tech firm, and as president of a boutique publishing company, Shannon settled in well to the real estate world. She uses her unique background to relate to clients in unique and personal ways.

A skill honed through her dedication to family, work and adoration for her community, Shannon approaches every situation as a way to make peoples’ lives better. Whether that's through finding a family the perfect home, an income producing property or through welcoming them to the community personally, she's made her own wine country dream come true, and she'd love to make yours come true, too.