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The perfect soundtrack for a great meal in Pasadena

21 Sep 2012 8:21 AM
The perfect soundtrack for a great meal in Pasadena

Legendary jazz saxophonist Sonny Rollins once said that the beauty of jazz  lies in its ever-changing nature, how it offers "a different sunset every night." Because it is improvised and depends so much on the unique combination of players, it is impossible to know exactly what you will get each time you go to a concert. In many ways, the same can be said about food. The incorporation of seasonal ingredients and the interplay between chef and diner means that, at many high-quality restaurants, you will never have the exact same meal twice.

Every so often, you can experience both of these creative enterprises at once. The redwhite+bluezz restaurant and jazz club is known for doing just that. It combines modern American cuisine and that all-American art form jazz, and owners of Pasadena real estate who head to this local hotspot never know exactly what they will get - except that it will be quite the experience.

On the culinary end of the spectrum, the establishment is known for its carefully assembled dishes, well-curated wine list (it has been voted Pasadena's Best Wine List five years in a row) and its relaxed atmosphere.

Diners often stop by for some of the restaurant's signature cocktails before diving into a five-course tasting menu or an extravagant, locally sourced cheese plate. The chefs' histories at some of America's finest establishments ensure that, like a great jazz tune, each meal is based in masterful craftsmanship but also given room to breathe and change each night.

Additionally, the live jazz helps bring this point home. Each night, local and nationally known musicians take the stage to provide the perfect speakeasy ambience to accompany the culinary treasures. On Friday and Saturday evenings, jazz takes center stage as musicians play from 7 to 11 p.m., making the venue a great place to cap a busy week.