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Shop for vintage fashions at Pasadena's Mohawk General Store

1 Oct 2013 5:20 PM
Shop for vintage fashions at Pasadena's Mohawk General Store

Due to its close proximity to Los Angeles, the city of Pasadena is often regarded as a relaxing weekend retreat for urbanites. However, the metropolitan area has a vibrant culture all its own - and it is starting to gain popularity among all kinds of California residents, including affluent owners of luxury homes and stars of the silver screen.

Fashion aficionados seeking a new source for vintage couture pieces often find just what they're looking for during a visit to Mohawk General Store, located on West Sunset Boulevard. The boutique, whose proprietors were recently lauded by The New York Times, offers clients the chance to acquire chic garments and one-of-a-kind articles of clothing while shopping alongside the rich and famous.

Realizing that Pasadena was growing as a destination and was seeing heightened traffic, but still lacked a hip clothing store, Kevin Carney and his wife, Bo, who own Mohawk General Store together, decided to set up shop - and haven't looked back since. As more of Los Angeles' young artists, filmmakers and musicians move outside the city limits, the small business has experienced a surge in sales, the newspaper reported.

Within the stylized store, or through the shop's website, customers can browse racks of high-end clothes made by hundreds of different designers, including the likes of Rachel Comey, Nonnative and Lizzy Disney, among others.