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Pasadena welcomes new chic salon

11 Sep 2012 8:21 AM
Pasadena welcomes new chic salon

A city as current and chic as Pasadena needs a wealth of top-shelf stylists to keep its residents feeling fresh and vibrant. In fact, in a region with some of the most desirable luxury real estate and high culture in California, many citizens come to expect new and improved providers of fashion and style services to come into the area and add a breath of fresh air to the scene.

Therefore, it is unsurprising that a new, well-received salon recently entered the already-bustling Pasadena marketplace. Regne Haute Blow Dry Salon officially opened its doors on July 18th with a ribbon-cutting gala. The "cocktail-splashed" event exposed residents to what some local fashionistas consider to be one of the city's best salons, according to the Pasadena Magazine.

Since then, the Regne has been taming, corralling and shaping the locks of some of Pasadena's poshest residents. In addition to custom offerings for all guests, the boutique offers several famous hairstyle choices to customers, including the Bardot, Gisele and Audrey.

For Pasadena residents who have been looking for a new place to experiment with hairstyles, Regne Haute Blow Dry Salon, found at 38 E. Holly St., may become one of the city's best bets.