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Pasadena's world-famous luxury restaurant

26 Dec 2012 5:41 PM
Pasadena's world-famous luxury restaurant

In many ways, analyzing Pasadena's culinary culture is like the case of the chicken and the egg: Did the world-renowned restaurants and cultural offerings attract some of California's most worldly residents, or vice-versa? This might not be an easy question to answer, but nonetheless, Pasadena has developed a reputation as an exclusive enclave filled with both aesthetes and famous attractions.

One example from the second category is the Royce, a restaurant that routinely earns accolades from critics, chefs and diners. Located in the elegant Langham Huntington Hotel, just minutes from some of the most coveted Pasadena real estate, Royce offers high-end meals without pulling any punches - black truffles, succulent lobster and guinea hen are all mainstays on the menu at this white-linen establishment.

With renowned chef David Feau calling the shots, it's no wonder that the Royce offers food of such a high caliber. Feau comes from a rich food background in France, where he studied with renowned chefs at the famous French culinary school, L'Ecole Hoteliere. Since then, he has held positions in many of the most respected restaurants in France and America.

At the Royce, Feau may have found his best role yet. The top-notch equipment, expert staff and devotion to quality give him the support he needs to turn out food that has earned accolades ever since the restaurant opened its doors. In fact, the food Feau makes at the Royce has led many Los Angeles gourmands to wonder how they had lived without him.

"After my first meal here, I wondered, where has this guy been hiding?" Los Angeles Times food critic S. Irene Virbila asked in her glowing review. "Quietly, fine dining is making a comeback."