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Violinist brings Tchaikovsky to life in Pasadena

25 Mar 2013 4:17 PM
Violinist brings Tchaikovsky to life in Pasadena

The South Korean violinist Chee-Yun has been in the international spotlight since the age of 13 and has only become more revered in the years since. Her prodigious talents and extensive musical knowledge will be on display at the Ambassador Auditorium in Pasadena on April 27 when she performs works by Tchaikovsky.

The work she will be playing, a personal and difficult violin concerto, is the ideal musical vehicle for Chee-Yun to display her intimate and technically astounding style. The piece, which was first performed in 1881, has steadily gained popularity over the years, and Chee-Yun's take on it has already earned much acclaim.

After a recent performance of "Violin Concerto," music critic David Dunkle raved about the violinist's rare ability to wring emotion and beauty from the notoriously difficult piece.

"[Chee-Yun's] performance of this wickedly challenging composition was nothing short of scintillating," he wrote for the local ABC affiliate. "Her finger work, bowing and artistry were uniformly fantastic."

Over the course of her long and storied career, Chee-Yun has received many awards and commendations, but she is still growing as a player. This most recent tour, which has stops throughout the country, has been viewed by critics as her most impressive to date.

Classical music-loving owners of Pasadena real estate will get a chance to see for themselves on April 27, and if reviews from recent concerts are any indication, it will be a performance well worth the price of admission. Whether you're a long-time fan of Chee-Yun and her distinct playing style or if you've never heard her before, this upcoming concert offers a perfect opportunity to see one of classical music's most lauded performers.