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The top three standout furniture designs for Pasadena homes

7 Aug 2012 2:04 PM
The top three standout furniture designs for Pasadena homes

It's likely that you might need to purchase new furniture after you relocate to a new home. While your new property may include many enviable amenities and features, finding the right decor to suit your style can be difficult.

However, you won't have to look far to find high-quality furniture for your Pasadena home. Many deluxe offerings are available from a variety of top-end furniture retailers. Consider the following selections when you search for furnishings that can help turn your house into a home.

Lusitano Chiffonier by UNDA
UNDA Design, a Portugal furniture and lighting design firm, offers a beautiful addition to any home with its Lusitano Chiffonier. In fact, its design is inspired by "The Lusiads," a Portuguese epic poem by Luis Vaz de Camoes. This tall chest of drawers stands out in any environment, featuring a geometric cutout and bold red patterns.

The dresser is made from blackwood timber, and features an incredibly attractive, hand-painted Indian pattern that helps light up a room. This piece of furniture includes gold colored feet, and its interior is covered in a truly glamorous gold leaf. Pasadena boasts a rich, vibrant culture, and you can help make this come alive in your home with the Lusitano Chiffonier.

Maya 2 Sofa Seat by BRABBU
BRABBU provides modern furniture designs that grace dozens of luxury homes across the country. Each of the company's pieces tells a unique story, and the Maya 2 Sofa Seat features a velvet design, retro legs and green/lime color.

Deliver comfort and style to any living room when you purchase the Maya 2 Sofa Seat. This furnishing was inspired by the Mayans and their Maze God, and lends an elegant touch to a room.

The Executive by Barrelly Made It
The perfect addition to a recreation area, The Executive by Barrelly Made It is a hand-crafted lounging chair wrapped in hand-tanned and hand-stitched eco-conscious leather.

It is manufactured from the same materials as wine barrels, as these upscale staves help provide an excellent chair for relaxing outdoors. Enjoy a glass of your favorite Chardonnay or Merlot and appreciate the beauty of Pasadena in a seat that delivers constant, reliable comfort.