Sandra Siraganian

"I know I've 'connected' with a client when they trust me to show them properties that really fit their needs, not just every new home on the market," says Sandra. 'Excellent agents don't just show houses and ask buyers if they like them!'

Sandra strongly feels a big part of her job is to help clients 'crystallize' their needs. She invests the time up front to really listen to and understand their circumstances. Then she can provide the kind of service she pledges to her clients. 'I love making the call, saying, I found your house today!' says Sandra.

Armed with knowledge, energy and a sense of humor, Sandra has helped clients buy and sell homes since 1986. Her previous experience was in the demanding commercial lending industry. She is intuitive and sensitive to others, but a tough businesswoman. 'I'm a problem solver,' she says, 'and I always strive for a win-win solution.'

Sandra advises clients to buy in the best location possible within their needs and finances. She takes her representation duties very seriously, as evidenced by an extraordinarily high customer referral rate from her buyers and sellers. She prides herself on facilitating the process of her clients coming to their own right decisions. Sandra's commitment to each sale lasts far beyond that one transaction; she feels the key to her clients' satisfaction is that they see she absolutely knows the market, her areas and inventory, and will continue to be there for them after the sale.