Rita’s goal is to make you feel that you have an advocate at your side, every step of the way!

In 1996, Rita Whitney plunged headfirst into a full-time residential real estate career. Since then, she’s never looked back and has loved every moment – and still does! Many of her clients have become close friends; they have been first-time home buyers, upsized, downsized and moved away buyers. Rita’s practice is now multi-generational as many of her friends’ children, who she’s known since they were babies, have now graduated and returned to the area to purchase homes of their own. During Rita’s tenure in the industry, there have been the usual up and down cycles, but none have yet compared to the financial crisis of 2007-2008. She loves challenges and approaches each and every real estate transaction with a vim and vigor equal to none. Rita pushes the boundaries of technology to make the real estate experience more synchronized and immediate and is abreast of real estate market trends and conditions, not only for the immediate market, but many markets in Southern California. Rita has analyzed every detail of the real estate experience and continues to work at directing her practice towards customers’ needs. As a result, Rita’s clients are prepared and feel a part of the real estate process from start to finish.

Many who know Rita think real estate is all she does, but that’s not true. Thanks to her ability to use technology effectively, Rita is able to have a BIG life outside of real estate. Her children were in elementary school when Rita began her career. They are now both working in their respective careers and Rita proud to say she is the mother of two successful and happy young adults pursuing their respective interests in medicine and real estate finance/asset management. Rita is an avid golfer who not only enjoys the peace of the great outdoors, but the camaraderie and competition. Additionally, she loves to travel! The adventure of exploring the unknown is exhilarating, while at the same time, learning and experiencing other cultures is amazing. Rita’s love of people has contributed to her success in real estate; she has a greater awareness and understanding of the differences that both separate and bind, and as a result, have developed a strong ability to problem solve and negotiate effectively and successfully. Rita would be honored to help you with your real estate needs today!