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Visit the Monterey Bay Sardine Festival for a taste of the local culture

7 Sep 2012 8:09 AM
Visit the Monterey Bay Sardine Festival for a taste of the local culture

Monterey is known for many things: fine living, elegant luxury homes and engaged, fun-loving residents. Of course, it is also known for another famous citizen - the sardine. For centuries, this small fish has been a staple of the cuisine and culture of the picturesque peninsula. It is fitting, therefore, that the city hosts a festival each year to honor - and consume - the sardine.

The festival's founder, Allan Kersgard, has built the framework for an event that has everything the gourmands of Monterey could expect. This year, the festival, which will be held on October 27 at the Custom House Plaza, will feature a wide range of activities, educational exhibits and, of course, tastings.

Visitors will be greeted by the salty, pungent aroma of cooking sardines and a kaleidoscopic display of guests, fish, photographs and scenery.

The focal point for many, however, is likely to be the cook-off. According to the festival's website, world-renowned chefs will prepare an array of gourmet dishes for guests to sample at their leisure. As any good seafood meal should be, this one will be paired with top-notch wines from local vineyards and around the world.

Of course, gustatory pleasure is not the only goal of this festival. Kersgard and the others helming the event believe it is important for guests to learn about the sardine and the important role it plays in Monterey Bay's balance and history.

According to the source, the festival aims to "create awareness of the sardine and its positive economic impact on our region."

For owners of Monterey real estate there may be no better way to get a taste of the local culture and one of the region's most famous aquatic inhabitants.