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Taste gourmet cheese at a few of Monterey's restaurants and shops

27 Jul 2012 12:00 PM
Taste gourmet cheese at a few of Monterey's restaurants and shops

Cheese serves a variety of purposes, as it can be part of a delectable appetizer, a top-notch complement to a dinner or perhaps an entire meal on its own. Monterey stands apart for its gourmet cheese offerings, and several restaurants and shops throughout the area give visitors the chance to experience a wide selection of options.

The Cheese Shop
The Cheese Shop has provided an extensive array of gourmet delights to patrons since 1973. It is located about 10 minutes outside Monterey in nearby Carmel, which makes it an easy commute for owners of luxury homes in the area. This venue sells cheese products from across the globe, including the Abbaye de Belloc, Chimay and Emmentaler brands.

First-time visitors and longtime cheese lovers alike might enjoy a visit to this store, as it offers something for just about everyone. The shop's survival kit contains items such as Taza Chocolate and Savannah Bee Honey to give newcomers products to help them thoroughly enjoy their cheese. Additionally, patrons can join the venue's Cheese of the Month Club, which provides gourmands a new offering after the first Monday of every month.

Lugano Swiss Bistro
Enjoy a feast of some of your favorite fondue offerings by making a trip to Lugano Swiss Bistro. This dining spot offers a taste of Switzerland, as it transports the chalet experience to the Golden State.

You might appreciate the rich flavors available from Chef Andre's fondue festival. Popular fondue menu items include the Swiss original cheese, tomato ticino and gorgonzola mushroom cheese selections. Each dish is served with apples, dipping bread, house salad and vegetables that deliver the ideal complement to any meal. Meanwhile, flavorful choices such as the surf and turf and seafood fondues help patrons enjoy an unparalleled experience every time they visit.