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One of Monterey's finest restaurants

7 Nov 2012 5:07 PM
One of Monterey's finest restaurants

One of the benefits of living close to a coast is the abundance of fresh food that emerges from the water daily. Coastal communities benefit from their proximity to the sea due to the large number of fine-dining establishments that hug the shoreline and offer some of the freshest food money can buy.

Few regions exemplify this more than Monterey, California, which juts out into the deep blue Pacific Ocean. Owners of Monterey real estate are therefore the recipients of some of the freshest seafood and most stunning views in the country. Unsurprisingly, many restaurants have taken advantage of this unique situation by transforming the bevy of fresh produce and seafood into creative and compelling dishes.

For years, the lauded restaurant Passionfish has taken advantage of Monterey's coastal location. The highly regarded chefs pride themselves on creating dishes with the bounty of local ingredients with as little fuss as possible. Simple dishes are buoyed by the delicate flavors and excellent textures of the ingredients, which allow diners to taste the best that Monterey has to offer.

Passionfish has received much acclaim for this no-frills approach. AOL Travel called the establishment "a model of propriety" and satisfied customers routinely comment on the elegant atmosphere and unerringly expert preparation.

The dining room is as simple and classy as the food that lines its tables. Linen-topped tables and art-bedecked walls make Passionfish the perfect place for a night of high-class pleasures. Knowledgeable servers and friendly hosts make sure that patrons are anxious for their next visit even as they are barely finished with dessert.

Of course, being California, meals at Passionfish are rarely unaccompanied by a glass or two of top-shelf local wine. According to the source, the award-winning wine list is nearly reason enough on its own to visit this one-of-a-kind modern restaurant.