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Meet Monterey's luxury storage facility

3 Sep 2013 2:02 PM
Meet Monterey's luxury storage facility

When you think of self-storage facilities, your mind may leap to crowded units packed with belongings that someone couldn't bear to throw away, but probably should have. For most storage facilities, this may be an accurate assessment, but it is not always the case. Some true collectors use the spaces to house high-end, incredibly valuable assemblages of items.

In Monterey, where many residents pride themselves on their extensive collections of luxury items like bottles of wine, artwork and sports cars, this situation is not uncommon. Luckily, there is a storage facility that caters to this exclusive clientele. Monterey Hi-Way Self Storage has developed a reputation for providing storage service to serious collectors. The facility has climate-controlled rooms and fully enclosed spaces big enough to hold a vintage Ford Mustang.

In this way, Hi-Way Self Storage is the perfect complement to the acres of desirable Monterey real estate that surround it. Residents who have been looking for a way to store and maintain their various collections will likely find that this unique facility is ideal. 

With its full list of features - temperature-controlled rooms, carpeted floors, elevated lifts and internet access - Monterey Hi-Way Self Storage is to normal storage facilities what a top-of-the-line steakhouse is to a fast food joint. Monterey residents will find that the experience of leaving their valuables in this facility is entirely different from most other storage locations.

One way that Hi-Way Self Storage separates itself from the competitors is safety. For collectors who are entrusting the company with thousands of dollars worth of vintage wine or rare coins, security is a prime concern. Unsurprisingly, the owners of Hi-Way Self Storage take this quite seriously.

"Being right next to the airport, this is one of the safest places on the Peninsula," Sebastian Bordonaro, the architect of the space and one of its owners, told Carmel Magazine.

"What's really big in my eyes is the security," added Gordon McCall, a collector of antique motorcycles, and one of the facility's first tenants. "It's very high. Alarmed, gated, overnight guards."