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The Monterey Wine Festival

5 Jun 2014 5:20 PM
The Monterey Wine Festival

Tomorrow, the Monterey Wine Festival begins its 2014 iteration, but that's surely already marked down on the calendar of anyone living nearby. However, what you may not know is the expansiveness of the festival itself - as well as the many events and must-attend tasting sessions it will offer west coast wine lovers. 

What events are going on at the festival this year?
As in past years, the Monterey Festival will be offering quite an exciting line-up of events for visitors, no matter what their taste preferences may be. Innumerable wine vendors will be on hand offering tastings - but that's hardly all.

The Festival's West Coast Chowder Competition will occur for the fifth year running, bringing together all of the best restaurants in the area. Taking place on June 5, the competition will offer visitors the best in white wines, chowder and many other side dishes. The Copper Pot award will eventually be granted to the best bowl of chowder - which, of course, will surely be on hand for curious fest-goers to try out. 

If you're looking to learn a few things while you sample a few wines, though, the fourth annual "Mini Cocktail Camp" may be more your taste. You can "sample the spirits and watch the competition as professional chefs square off," according to the Festival, and then see what drink comes out on top. If you need a respite from wine after a long weekend of tastings, then this chance to try out some of California's best cocktails may be the perfect solution.

Day two at the Festival
Those events will all take place on Saturday - but adventurous wine lovers who come back for another taste on Sunday will be met by a litany of other events and activities. It'll be "A Day to Celebrate," with an overview of the Monterey State Historic Park offered to visitors, and numerous new wines on offer along the way. 

There will be some sumptuous foods on hand, as well, including some wonderful international cheese, alongside other gourmet dishes. This year, there's a new event on offer - "The Kings of Calamari and Mussel Beach," with the area's best calamari and mussel dishes brought together for all festival visitors to enjoy. 

The Monterey Wine Festival offers a lot more than just red and whites - it offers foodies and wine connoisseurs alike one of California's most enjoyable weekends.